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Statewide Preservation Awards, 2022

Led by Preservation South Carolina
Hosted by Governor / Mrs. McMaster

South Carolina's Communities
Current Projects

Edge 1_edited.jpg


Preservation needs purpose and the right purpose can elevate smaller communities.

We are working with the town's leaders to help chart the future for Edgefield's charming downtown square. At the center of the discussion is how best to restore the town's historic hotel (right in image) that has been closed for several decades. The idea of restoring the building as a boutique hotel ("The Pottery Inn") has great appeal.



Re-imagining an historic downtown district is a challenging proposition. We are part of the team that will lend its expertise.

Union has a number of historic assets that can re-purposed for a greater purpose, including the Dawkins House (right. The historic home, which borders the USC-Union campus, was used for several days in February, 1865, as Governor McGrath's headquarters for the affairs of the state.

In October 2022, Preservation South Carolina acquired the rights to the property at a tax auction.

Dawkins House 1.jpg
Taveau Strawberry 3a.jpg

A Sacred Corridor

We are working on an altogether different community, this one in rural Berkeley County.

In rural Berkeley County, there is a collection of churches that can, when we consider all of the men, women, and events that have transpired on the collective grounds, tell the history, the full history, of South Carolina. We are in the early stages of working with the various communities of interest to fully examine the possibilities.

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