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The key to economic development can often be found in the restoration of a town's historic building or square. Preservation South Carolina, with thirty years of expertise in economic development through preservation and historic restoration standards, can help. 

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In late 2018, we began our efforts to save Trinity Episcopal Church, an historic structure that had been closed for four years due to its unsafe condition. Without intervention, it is possible that the structure, built in 1860 by South Carolina's renowned architect, George Walker, would have been lost. If that had happened, Abbeville would have lost more than an Episcopal church for it is the city's number one tourist attraction. Upon our late 2021 completion of Phase II work, the church is again open.



In 2018, we acquired the Plantation Hotel, an historic building that anchors Edgefield's city square. Its prominent location in the city, and the determination of Edgefield's leaders to refresh its downtown area, contributed to the acquisition decision. We are now studying the feasibility of reopening the property as a boutique hotel.

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Newry Mill is the historic anchor to a turn of the last century mill town less than a 30 minute drive from Clemson. Though the skilled work of our history tax credit consultant we were able to obtain the necessary tax credits that made the project to restore the mill into mixed use feasible. 

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