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Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital Renovation and Expansion


The Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital building was completed in 1952 as a modern hospital serving Columbia’s African Americans and built after intensive fundraising within that community. It was the first purpose built hospital for blacks in Columbia and was listed on the National Register in 2008, after having been closed since 1973. In a visionary rebirth, the building and its outstanding addition now house Allen University’s Institute for Civility, the Emanuel Nine Center for Peace, the Palmetto African-American Hall of Fame and the Waverly Wall honoring doctors and nurses from the former hospital. The jury recognized the vision, sensitivity in its rehabilitation and the exceptional programming of the site.

Ernest C. McNealey, Waverly Hospital Owner, LLC
Jerome Simons, GMK Associates Architectural Division
Ryan McCormick, GMK Associates Design
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