The Ruff Cobb House, Newberry

One of the country's most admired preservation organizations puts it this way:

"At Preservation North Carolina we rescue old houses. And factory mills, schools, churches, general stores, and even the occasional big pink puppy.


We’re fondly referred to as “the animal shelter for old houses.” It’s a fun nickname, but a responsibility we take to heart. Through our nationally recognized and award-winning Endangered Properties Program we’ve rescued nearly 900 old, interesting, historic, sometimes abandoned, but always important properties. There’s a story behind each one and we are committed to telling it.

Historic homes, and factory mills, schools, churches, general stores, and maybe the occasional big pink puppy are even more important to Preservation South Carolina.

Not mentioned in the North Carolina story is the reality that most preservation organizations depend on the funds generated from property donations to fuel the business. In most cases, we are able to convert donations (many of which have significant tax advantage to the donor) into funds that we can then use to further acquire and or repair as the case may be, or to help us fund our operations.  

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about a property donation.

Our Mission

Preservation South Carolina, a non-profit organization operating in South Carolina since 1990, is dedicated to preserving the historic and irreplaceable architectural heritage of South Carolina.