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Preserving South Carolina's
Sacred Spaces

Once the center of community life, many of our state's historic churches, both rural and urban, are at-risk. In 2018, we created a Sacred Spaces fund.


These are our accomplishments.

Trinity Episcopal

The Gothic-Revival masterpiece is the heart and soul of Abbeville.

In less than three years, we raised nearly $1M, oversaw the work, and reopened the church that had been closed for four years.

Trinity Abbeville Eventa.jpg
Carmel Fog_edited.jpg

Mt. Carmel Presbyterian
Mt. Carmel

In late 2022, we will complete our restoration work on this iconic McCormick County church which is part of the town's Historic District.

Good Hope Baptist

Good Hope, historically connected to Laurelwood Plantation, is listed in the National Register on its own merits. We were able to preserve this church by finding a Black congregation in search of a new church home, and selling the property for a fraction of its retail value.

Good Hope Baptist Church 1.jpg
Mt Olivet115 u3x.jpg

Mt. Olivet Lutheran

We were able to both find a new owner for this historic church and, with a preservation element, insure that remains, in form, a church.

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