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Trinity Phase II Complete

Church once shuttered is again open.

Trinity Phase II Complete

We are excited to announce that we have completed phase II of Trinity Abbeville.

Trinity Abbeville, designed in 1860 by George E. Walker, is a neo-gothic building standing 125 feet tall just a block from Abbeville's Town Square. The exterior is composed of stucco overlaying locally made brick. The interior features William Gibson stained glass windows and a rare tracker organ designed by John Baker, one of only two remaining in existence. Trinity Abbeville is so important to history and continues today as a meeting place for worshipers and tourists alike. Trinity Church of Abbeville is not “just” an Episcopal Church; it is the heart and soul of the entire Abbeville community, and the number one tourist attraction for the charming town.

Since our lease of Trinity in 2019, we have made considerable progress in the stabilization and preservation of this city's landmark. We are excited to announce the completion of Phase II, the scaffolding placed three years ago, has been removed!

We look forward to partnering with the Diocese in strategizing the next phase of restoration. Although there is more work to be done, Trinity Abbeville is now open for worship and events. If you have a wedding or event, please contact Friends of Trinity at

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