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Sacred Spaces Series | Mt Carmel of McCormick County Restored

Backcountry icon now has a bright future

Sacred Spaces Series | Mt Carmel of McCormick County Restored

It's the small towns that capture our hearts and mind, those places from the past that conjure up memories of a simpler time, of fountain Cokes, of neighbors looking out for neighbors. There are many such places in South Carolina, including Mt. Carmel, a mostly forgotten community located about 15-20 minutes from downtown Abbeville.

Constructed in the 1890s, this frame building is indicative of a flourishing early railroad town in South Carolina. Services were held in this weatherboard meeting house until the mid-1950s. Since, the church has remained vacant, passing into the hands of private ownership.

Thanks to a significant donation from an anonymous donor, and the generosity of owners, Ed McAllister and Joseph Carpenter, our Sacred Spaces Program was able to begin the restoration of Mt. Carmel Presbyterian.

Today, we are happy to announce the end of our restoration is 98% Complete!

The electrical systems have been updated and installed, along with a new chandelier placed in the center of the building. The only work that remains is the repair the stained glass windows, and we can’t wait to tell that story.

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