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Sacred Spaces Series | A New Life for Pelzer Church

An historic church repurposed

Sacred Spaces Series | A New Life for Pelzer Church

If you ever wondered why our work includes the preservation of historic places of worship - even when there's no active congregation left to run them - the former Pelzer Presbyterian Church is a great example. Though we were not involved with the restoration of this "sacred space," the owners, Celina Weems and Thomas Watson invited us to take a tour, so we could show you one of many possibilities for future use of a building such as this.

Built in 1896, this church was one of five sanctuaries in Pelzer. In 1905, a second story was added to the church for Sunday School. Pelzer was founded in the 19th century as a mill town around several mill sites. But like so many other mill towns, the optimism of the 1920s would dissipate, eventually leaving empty houses and closed churches, such as Pelzer Presbyterian.

In just a few short months, Celina and Thomas have converted office space and Sunday School rooms into a warm and appealing place to say, “I do.” While their work continues, they are already accepting reservations for fall weddings. For those looking for a unique and personal setting, the historic Pelzer Presbyterian Church building, might be the ticket.

Their remarkable story of breathing life back into this church is an example of how to repurpose a "sacred space" and is an inspiration to the preservation community!

Please contact Celina Weems at,, with your inquires, questions, and congratulations.

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