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Celebrating Dr. Wenonah Haire

2022 Historic Preservation Governor's Award Recipient

Celebrating Dr. Wenonah Haire

Dr. Wenonah Haire is the Executive Director of the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project, an organization headquartered in the historic Catawba Indian School building on the Reservation. The mission of the CCPP is to preserve, protect, promote and maintain the rich culture and heritage of the Catawba Nation, South Carolina’s only Federally Recognized Tribe.

Dr. Haire directs the many programs of the organization’s projects, including its archives, archaeology, and cultural programs. She also oversees a Crafts Store, where Catawba pottery and other arts and crafts may be purchased.

She has served on the Catawba River Task Force that called attention to both the environmental and cultural resources along the river named for her people. This has made a significant impact on the greater community while also bringing a statewide awareness of the need to identify, protect and enhance Native American historic and archaeological resources.

Dr. Haire has dedicated her life’s work to preserving Catawba culture and history. She continues working ceaselessly to protect the Catawba River, the historic lands of the Catawba, and artifacts and other materials found on those lands.

We thank you Dr. Haire, for your preservation leadership in South Carolina and for the inspiring work you continue to do.

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