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Stewardship Award

Project: The Governor’s Mansion Exterior Renovation
Awarded to: South Carolina Department of Administration
Submitted by: Submitted by: Justin Lucas, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, Columbia

About the Property

The South Carolina Governor’s Mansion was built in 1855 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This prominent and well-known Italianate-style mansion has served as residence to the majority of South Carolina’s Governors since 1868 and is one of the most significant buildings in South Carolina. Many former presidents, government officials, and dignitaries visit the mansion annually. The mansion is the centerpiece of the Governor’s Green, a nine-acre complex in the heart of the Historic District of Columbia featuring beautiful public gardens and two flanking historic houses, the Lace House and Boylston House. The exterior Restoration and Renovations completed as part of this project were essential to the vitality and longevity of the historic Governor’s Mansion for future generations to enjoy.



The scope of renovations focused on the preservation and repair of the exterior elements of the building, including windows, wood trim, stucco, shutters, and ironwork. The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties served as a guideline for the project, with a focus on the necessary measures required to maintain and protect the exterior envelope of the building, and to correct and repair deteriorated and damaged materials. Materials were only replaced when necessary due to severe deterioration and repair of the existing material was not possible. Any materials replaced or repaired were matched to the existing materials used to retain the historic character of the property.


The owner and design team engaged Amy Moore with the City of Columbia, and John Sylvest and Dan Elswick with SCDAH, along with other key stakeholders early in the process to review the work scope, plan the proper preservation methods and the necessary care of each historic building element.


One key consideration was to complete all of the work to the Mansion while the Governor and first family lived in the house and the day-to-day operations continued. The work was phased around the Governor’s busy schedule and the general contractor did an exceptional job handling this complexity.


Great care was taken to ensure that the Department of Interior Standards were followed and that every detail was completed with the utmost consideration of the past and care for the future. The result of this highly collaborative and beautifully crafted restoration will showcase the “home” of South Carolina for many, many years to come.

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